Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our mission is to develop cost effective, safe and reliable products to address the needs of our customers, create new values through the provision of original service while staying committed to our employees and stakeholders.

We hope to become one of the leading, trusted brands in Pakistan with a diversified product base while being recognized as a persistent contributor to the community.

At Valor, our strategy firmly reflects our mission and vision and seeks to project where we aim to see our selves in the near future. Our strategy is:

- Establishing a strong corporate brand in the domestic market through the creation of original customer value.
- Maintaining affordable cost as our strong suit.
- Sustaining an uncompromising commitment to quality by instilling it at the process and individual level.
- Nurturing the skills required to preserve our high quality and low cost model while continuing to progress into new areas.
- Creating a high-touch business force through the execution of management practices that start with people and empowerment.